Fitbod - Find New Strength
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Find new strength with smart fitness guidance

Step-by-step strength training lets you focus on the heavy lifting.
When you hit the gym, fitbod guides you through the exercises, sets, reps and weight, so you can focus on putting in the work that counts.

Fitbod builds you an effective workout based on top strength-training techniques and time-tested best practices.

A personalized plan designed to push your limits.
To build your custom-fit workout, Fitbod’s powerful technology understands your strength-training ability, studies your past workouts and adapts to your available gym equipment.
Grasp and master new strength-building exercises.
Fitbod keeps your gym sessions fresh and fun by mixing up your workouts with new exercises and maximizing the use of your available equipment.

For beginner strength-trainers, find the confidence to try new resistance exercises and gym equipment.
Fine-tuned by Personal Trainers to your workout experience and style.
fitbod's exercise recommendations have been fine-tuned by actual personal trainers for several fitness goals and styles:
General Fitness Strength Training Muscle Tone
Olympic LIfting Powerlifting Bodybuilding
Our personal training experts:
Chris Matsui - Director of High Performance Training
Nick Cerone - CPT and Owner of Raise the Bar fitness
Store your fitness progress.
With data back-up and sync, store your exercises history and preferences so you'll never lose your data after switching to a new device, logging out or deleting the app.