Build your next workout with fitbod’s machine intelligence.


Fitbod has a superpower that other fitness apps lack. Using machine intelligence, fitbod can design an authentic workout routine on the fly — with knowing just a bit about you.

For example, fitbod will look at the exercises from your last workout and quickly generate your next workout. It’s also possible to tell fitbod which muscles you want to hit — or even a single exercise you want to do — and fitbod fill in a complete workout routine. Click the button below for four easy ways to hit the gym with a gameplan.


Generate a workout from your muscle recovery state

With this option, fitbod will crunch your recent workout numbers and create a complete workout from your muscle recovery state.

The exercises, sets, reps and weight are picked to align with your fitness goal (for example, Bodybuilding vs. Muscle Tone), available equipment & more.


Target individual muscle groups

Select a few muscle groups you want to work out and fitbod will generate a workout that hits them with the most suitable exercises.

With your Elite settings, you can get exercises that use the available equipment at your home, gym or work.


Pick an exercise as a starting point

Select one or more exercises and let fitbod fill in the rest of your workout. For example, say you are doing a Decline Bench Press today. Set this as a starting exercise and fitbod will not only suggest more Chest exercises, but also mix in some abs and lower back to make sure you’re strengthening the critical core muscle groups.


Create your own workout from scratch

You can also create your own workout by selecting indiviudal exercises from our database of over 300 exercises.

Try out the “Replace” feature to discover fun, comparable exercises that target the same muscles with similar equipment.

Tap the “New” button in the top left corner of the “Workout” tab to find these four exercise creation options.