Master four strength-training strategies with fitbod

Effective strength training is more than just a personalized workout plan. You also have to regularly get into the gym and perform a series of challenging exercises! Below, our personal training expert at Raise the Bar Fitness shares top tips on how you can use fitbod to perform your most productive workout.


Maximize your available equipment.

Did you know there are 150 different exercises you can do with dumbbells? It’s possible to build exercise variation into a workout with just a few pieces of equipment. Remember, mixing up exercises between workouts is critical to sustain strength gains.

With fitbod, you can generate workouts that maximize the use of your available equipment at your gym, work our home. Find the Available Equipment option in your Elite Settings.


Mix up your routine for sustained results.

Mixing up exercises, reps, and weight between workouts is critical to maximize fitness gains. With resistance training, the body adapts over time to physical stress with muscle gains. If you do the same exercises over and over, however, your progress may slow down as your body habituates to repetitive movement patterns.

Fitbod builds workout variation into the exercise routine and sets/rep scheme. You can also mix it up by tapping Replace on any exercise and picking a comparable exercise.


Rest for the optimal time between sets.

The Question: how long should you rest between sets? The answer depends on your goal. For example, the goals of strength, stamina or size may require a different amount of rest between sets.

With fitbod, you can see the optimal rest period for any given exercise & fitness goal in a simple countdown timer. Turn REST:ON to activate the rest timer.


Prevent overtraining by listening to your body.

Exerting maximum effort in every workout can actually slow, stop or reverse training gains. Overtraining occurs when the volume and intensity of the exercise exceeds your recovery capacity.

With a self-guided workout plan, it’s important to listen to your body and adjust your gameplan to prevent over-doing it. With fitbod, set your perceived muscle soreness and generate a workout that hits muscles ready to be worked out. Find Edit Muscle Recoveryin your Elite settings.