Fitbod Pricing Update

Last Updated: November 15, 2021

We will be increasing the subscription price to $79.99 per year or $12.99 per month on Nov 22, 2021.

All existing Fitbod customers who subscribed before November 22, 2021, will keep their current pricing for life as long as the subscription remains active!

Why are we increasing our price?

We invest all revenue back into our product and team to build the most personalized, flexible and engaging fitness experience possible.

This price change will enable us to deliver our most ambitious feature set faster and promote a healthier, more active world.

We want to make a 10x bigger impact.

  • We debuted data-driven fitness in 2015 which has since grown into a new fitness category of its own. This innovation made authentic strength-training accessible at a reasonable price point, without the flashy “shortcut to success” message found in the current fitness industry.


  • Our customer revenue has directly enabled this impact. However, we’ve only reached a small group relative to the millions of people that could benefit from this innovation. The additional revenue from this price change will directly help us make the largest impact possible.

Company Value 1: Results take time – There are no shortcuts to realizing your goals.

We don’t make a profit.

  • Yes, you read that correctly and we’re not afraid to admit it. Any and all additional revenue each month is allocated back to what we believe is the cornerstone of a successful business: the best possible customer experience.

Company Value 2: Customer experience comes first. – Never sacrifice user experience when architecting, building, or marketing our products.

We’re a small team.

  • Our company is composed of just 30 people. Fitbod’s amazing growth in the past few years is a testament to the immense amount of effort, dedication and skill of each team member.


  • This price increase will open the doors for us to grow our team and increase the speed at which we bring you new features.
  • One important area of investment is more user research. Expanding our research capabilities means we’ll be able to deliver solutions that solve your deeper underlying needs and take your Fitbod experience to the next level!

Company Value 3: Teamwork begets talent – Your team makes you better. Leverage each other’s skillsets & viewpoints.

Why Fitbod isn’t free

  • Many free apps make money in other ways. Typically from advertising or in some cases selling private user information.


  • By charging and growing our business from customer revenue, we are 100% aligned with our subscribers.
  • There’s a lot behind each new feature or product enhancement – user research, design, engineering and customer support. Without charging, we would be unable to do so.
  • As we’ve grown, we could have done a better job of communicating more directly to the subscriber base to say we hear you. Our recent blog post about Android Feature Parity is a step in that direction.

Financial Hardship

During the Covid-19 pandemic as people we’re sheltering-in-place, we made Fitbod bodyweight free and continue to offer front-line workers or those heavily impacted to access Fitbod at a heavily discounted or free rate.

We remain committed to our mission of enabling anyone to access authentic fitness coaching. If someone is experiencing financial hardship or is unable to afford the subscription, reach out to our team – we can try to help.

Authentic Fitness Coaching

At Fitbod, our mission is to enable anyone to have access to authentic Fitness coaching.

The team here has been working incredibly hard over the years. We love what we do, and we know that we have an immense opportunity and responsibility before us. If you, as an individual, are motivated to reach your fitness goals, regardless of if you’re experienced or starting at square one, we will make sure Fitbod is there to provide guidance and support along your journey.

We’re all building for better together. It’s important to us that you – the amazing community that has grown around Fitbod, our product, business, and movement – are kept in the loop of what we’re doing, and even more importantly why we’re doing it.

Thank you for your continued support. I am looking forward to continuing to make progress each day, and build for better together with you all.

– The Fitbod Product Team