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We welcome you to flex your skills, strengthen Fitbod and coach our team.
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Equip anyone with authentic and personalized fitness training.
Why has Fitbod been successful in helping hundreds of thousands of people exercise longer and more frequently? It’s the simplicity of a single next workout – always evolving to meet you where you are.
Built for Better
What does it mean to be better? It’s about progressing every day. It’s not about the end goal, but about continuing to move, improve and build. At Fitbod, we believe everyone can be better.
Featured Openings
Head of Marketing
Fitbod is looking for a Head of Marketing to lead the team as the marketing organization continues to grow.
Data Scientist
The future of fitness lies in data, and we’re looking for a Data Scientist to help usher in the next phase of growth for Fitbod.
Software Engineer – DevOps
We’re looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our 100%-remote team and lead a variety of projects across our tech stack!
Lead Software Engineer, Android
This individual would be responsible for owning, leading and managing Fitbod’s Android app
Email & Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager
Fitbod is looking for an Email Marketing Manager to join the team, owning key user acquisition and retention processes!
Business Development Representative
You will be directly responsible for generating new business opportunities for Fitbod’s Sales & Partnerships team and will report to the Head of Sales & Partnerships
Career Growth
It’s quite rare in one’s career to find the combination of work you love doing, with people you truly enjoy working with, solving problems that make a difference in other’s lives.
Working at Fitbod has had a profound and positive impact on my growth, both professionally and personally.
Fitbod is the “pinch me is this real” type of workplace with leadership and co-workers that support, encourage, and push me to be my best in and outside of the workday. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to blend my passions for social media, tech, and health and fitness in an environment that values inclusivity, experimentation and creativity.
Who are we
“I found Fitbod as a user. I loved the app right away – before Fitbod I had to create my own workouts and that was painful and time consuming. One thing led to another and now I’m Fitbod’s lead data scientist. My team and I help improve algorithm behind the recommended exercises. The work is the perfect mix of challenging and fun, and helping people all over the world stay healthy and fit is an extremely motivating goal.”

Unlimited PTO

Full medical and dental health coverage

A stipend of up to $2000/year to use toward continued training, learning and enrichment. 

Parental Leave – 12 weeks of leave following child’s birth, adoption or foster care placement.

401(k) Matching! 100% for the first 4%

100% Remote

Monthly gym/workout/health Stipend 
($80 USD/month)

Regular team get together – remote, 
hybrid, and in person!

Results take time.
There are no shortcuts to realizing your goals.
There are no shortcuts to realizing your goals.
Strive for excellence, but never at the expense of progress. Small gains add up.
Greatness comes from within
Put in hard work when no one is looking. Be internally motivated.
Craftsmanship makes the difference.
World-class products are made by people with passion for their craft.
Customer experience comes first.
Never sacrifice user experience when architecting, building, or marketing our products.
Teamwork begets talent.
Your team makes you better. Leverage each other’s skillsets & viewpoints.
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