How to do a Dumbbell Glute Bridge

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Instructions: How To

This exercise is a weighted variation of the more common Glute Bridge. Like other Glute Bridge variations, this exercise primarily targets your glutes. By placing a dumbbell against your hips, you can add a bit more resistance to this exercise. This is a great variation for anyone looking to make their Glute Bridge a bit more challenging.

  1. Lay face up on the floor and position your feet flat on the ground roughly shoulder-width apart.
  2. Grasp a dumbbell with both hands and position it on top of your hips with one hand on each head of the dumbbell.
  3. Contract your glutes and hamstrings to raise your hips by pushing through your heels into the ground. Stop once your hips are in line with your knees and shoulder.
  4. Tense your glutes and hamstrings and hold this position for the duration of the exercise.
  5. Maintain good posture by keeping your shoulders and feet in contact with the floor.
  6. You should feel tension in your glutes and hamstrings.

Performance Tips

  • How effective are weighted glute bridges?

    Weighted glute bridges - with dumbbells - are very effective for strength and lean mass gain. They primarily target the gluteus maximus, and also engage the hamstrings and core muscles for stabilization. Adding a weight, like dumbbells, increases resistance, making the exercise more challenging and enhancing muscle strength and growth in the glutes and posterior chain.

Common Mistakes

  • Over Extending

    Don’t drive your hips as far as you can. This can increase your risk of injury, and doesn’t benefit the exercise itself. Drive your hips forward to a point where you feel good activation in your glutes, and hold that position.