How to do a Sled Push

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About Sled Push

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Instructions: How To

Sled Push is an explosive exercise that involves pushing a weighted sled across the ground, usually for a duration or distance. This is a great full body exercise that can easily fit into your lower body or push days. This exercise has plenty of functional applications, and is often used to improve sport performance.

  1. Grab ahold the prowler sled with extended arms by either the high or low handles.
  2. Angle your torso to 45 degrees with the ground and flex your right leg underneath your chest with your left leg extended behind you, both feet on the ground.
  3. Drive the sled forward taking short strides for an allotted distance.

Common Mistakes

  • Hips Up

    Allowing your hips to rise can lead to rounding your back. This will make you less effective at pushing the sled, as well as increase your risk of injury. Drop you hips down, and focus on driving into the sled.