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The Top 10 Most Popular Exercises

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  1. 1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

    Photo of Dumbbell Bicep Curl being performed
    9,244,633 SETS LOGGED
    99.2 mSCORE

    This exercise is one of the most common isolation, biceps exercises out there. Dumbbells help prevent compensating for strength imbalances, as well as allows plenty of freedom in your range of motion. This is a staple exercise in most workouts, and is a great way to build strength and muscle mass in your biceps.

  2. 2. Hammer Curls

    Photo of Hammer Curls being performed
    8,149,621 SETS LOGGED
    99.1 mSCORE

    Similar to other curls, this isolation exercise targets the biceps. Unlike the standard Dumbbell Bicep Curl, this variation rotates your wrist into a more natural position. This rotation also help to emphasize the long head of the bicep. This is a great exercise for adding some variety to your curls as well as developing functional strength and building muscle mass.

  3. 3. Dumbbell Row

    Photo of Dumbbell Row being performed
    7,874,191 SETS LOGGED
    99.9 mSCORE

    This compound movement primarily targets the back, but also hits the shoulders and biceps, as well as requiring some core activation for stability. By bracing yourself on the flat bench, you can position your torso parallel to the ground, without needing specific equipment. This is a great exercise with or without limited equipment, and a staple in many back workouts.

  4. 4. Dumbbell Bench Press

    Photo of Dumbbell Bench Press being performed
    7,656,225 SETS LOGGED
    99.6 mSCORE

    Dumbbell Bench Press is a variation on the standard Bench Press. Like Bench Press, this compound exercise primarily targets the chest, while also training the triceps and shoulders. The use of dumbbells allows for greater instability which can help you become more stable on pushing movements in general, while also isolating each side of the body to prevent you from compensating for any weaknesses between sides.

  5. 5. Lat Pulldown

    Photo of Lat Pulldown being performed
    7,282,448 SETS LOGGED
    100 mSCORE

    This compound exercise primarily targets the back, but also hits the shoulders and biceps. The movement itself is based on a Pull Up, however, by locking your legs into place, you can add significantly more stability to the movement making it easier to complete a rep, as well as getting control over the resistance. This exercise can be easily adapted to meet your needs with different handles.

  6. 6. Barbell Bench Press

    Photo of Barbell Bench Press being performed
    6,870,832 SETS LOGGED
    98.5 mSCORE

    Bench Press is one of the three Powerlifting movements, and one of the most common upper body exercises. It’s a fantastic compound exercise that can help you build strength in your chest, shoulders, and triceps. It’s a staple in most fitness programs, and is often used as a metric for tracking upper body strength in general.

  7. 7. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

    Photo of Dumbbell Shoulder Press being performed
    6,112,642 SETS LOGGED
    99.4 mSCORE

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press is a compound exercise that primarily targets the shoulders. The use of dumbbells allows for slightly more instability than with equipment like barbells. This can help you recruit and develop stabilizing muscles around the shoulders. In addition, by using dumbbells, you can help identify and address any strength imbalances between sides.

  8. 8. Dumbbell Fly

    Photo of Dumbbell Fly being performed
    6,018,158 SETS LOGGED
    96.8 mSCORE

    Dumbbell Fly’s are one of the most common isolation chest exercises, and for good. It primarily targets the muscles in the chest, but also recruits the shoulders for stability. The use of dumbbells ensures that you’re targeting each side of the body independently, and prevents compensating for any weaknesses between sides. In addition the isolated nature of this exercise is a great way to fatigue your chest, and focus on building both muscle mass and increasing strength in your chest.

  9. 9. Cable Row

    Photo of Cable Row being performed
    5,497,271 SETS LOGGED
    99.7 mSCORE

    Cable Row is a compound movement that primarily targets your back, but also hits your shoulders and biceps. This exercise is often done with a specific cable machine that sets you into the perfect position, but you can also use an adjustable cable to have more control over the direction your resistance is coming from. This is a great exercise for building muscle mass and strength in your back, and is a common addition to most upper body or pull workouts.

  10. 10. Push Up

    Photo of Push Up being performed
    5,414,219 SETS LOGGED
    86.8 mSCORE

    Push Ups may be the most recognizable exercises out there. It’s one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do, and is a great way to develop functional strength in your upper body for pushing movements. It’s fantastic for beginners, or anyone with limited equipment, while still being a great addition for even the most seasoned lifters.