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Stop guessing, start working

Get your next best exercises, reps and weight based on your fitness history, goals and experience.

Fitness that fits your life

Fitbod adapts to support you when your fitness goals evolve, gym equipment changes, or when you need some variety to stay motivated.

Your fitness journey, visualized.

See where you stand as Fitbod gets to know you better. See your muscle usage, exercise achievements and workout streaks to track your fitness progress.
Daily Workouts
Generate your workout of the day based on your muscle freshness, preferred muscle group to target or choose from our library of expertly crafted workouts.
Goal and Experience Settings
Adjust your fitness goal and experience based on where you are in your fitness journey, and where you want to be.
Muscle Recovery
See how fresh your muscles are, and manually adjust based on how you feel to allow Fitbod to get to know you better.
Connect to Apple Health, Fitbit, Strava
Get even more personalized workout recommendations and progress reporting by connecting to your favorite health app.
Equipment Selection
Customize your equipment selection for workouts that use only body weight, to everything a full gym has to offer.
Timed Intervals
Use timed intervals to turn up the intensity of your workouts.
Circuits and Supersets
Add or remove circuits and supersets depending on your workout preferences.
Video Demonstrations and Exercise Instructions
Follow along with each exercise to our expert led video demonstrations as well as a detailed read of how to perform each exercise, including tips from our in house professionals.
Workout Achievements
Track your personal records and visualize how you are progressing each time you get a workout done.
Streak Counter
See how many weeks in a row you can hit your workout goal and celebrate with the Fitbod community.
Ask a Trainer
Ask our team of professionals any questions you have about training or nutrition to support your progress.
Seamlessly log your workout from your Apple Watch or WearOS Smartwatch.