Boosting Productivity At Work: Fitness As A Key Driver

Your employee’s health and physical fitness can be your company’s strongest competitive advantage. Exercise is one of the key drivers in individual productivity, stress management, and resilience. 

Johns Hopkins Workplace Health Network found that physically active employees are more productive, have lower health care costs, and use less sick leave than sedentary employees. Other studies support their claims:

  • Regular exercise can save healthcare costs especially in the case of employees who were both sedentary and obese. General Motors employees participated in a study that found those who were moderately active or very active saved the company $250 – $450 depending on the employees BMI. Researchers estimate at least 1.5% savings in health care costs.
  • The International Society for Physical Activity and Health reported that effective workplace fitness programs resulted in less absenteeism and employees using less sick leave. 

You may have experienced a “runner’s high.” The feeling of accomplishment from a challenging workout as well as the regulation of stress hormones is part of nature’s solution to stress. In fact, Statista Research surveyed adult gym users and found that stress relief was within their top five reasons they workout following body composition goals, staying healthy, and improving strength and endurance. 

Sadly, many American workers do not exercise enough to receive the stress-busting benefits of regular exercise. The CDC estimates that only 23.2% of Americans meet the recommendations for both aerobic and strength training exercise. They recommend adults aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity in addition to two strength training workouts per week. More vigorous activity results in even greater physical and mental health benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of dementia and possibly improved memory
  • Improved mood and less depression
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved executive function, memory, and ability to process information

That may sound too good to be true, but considering the cost of unresolved stress, it isn’t. For example, unresolved stress often disrupts sleep. Numerous studies over the years indicate that inadequate sleep diminishes a person’s ability to concentrate and also weakens the body’s immune system. Exercise reduces the stress hormones in the body and results in improved sleep.

How Fitbod Offers Efficient, Affordable, and Effective Options for Employee Fitness

Anything you can do to promote physical fitness and activity among your team will pay off in increased productivity and a more positive working environment. 

Whether your team works remotely or on-site, Fitbod offers each employee individually tailored workouts suited to their fitness and preferences. The strength and circuit workouts are efficient and effective. Thanks to our AI-driven technology each individual regularly receives new workouts and new challenges throughout the year. 

Using our smartphone application, your team can workout at home or in a gym whenever they want. The frustration of booking exercise classes at a time when your whole team can attend is gone. The workouts use whatever equipment the user has on hand or simply effective bodyweight workouts. Fitbod integrates with popular fitness apps and devices like the Apple Watch. In other words, we remove the inconvenience of getting and tracking a good workout.

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