How Focusing On Fitness Aligns Employees & Company Goals

We will let you in on a secret. When your employees feel physically and mentally fit they are more productive. 

In addition, high morale enhances your ability to recruit talent since your happy employees are more likely to recommend their employer to friends and professional contacts.

How Exercise Boosts Mood and Job Satisfaction

Finding time for exercise is one obstacle keeping many of your employees from thriving in their lives and their jobs. In 2018, 60% of American adults said getting enough exercise was important to the quality of their lives, according to a survey by The National Business Group on Health. Yet only 23.2% of American adults meet or exceed the CDC’s weekly exercise recommendations.

When asked what barriers keep them from exercising lack of time and affordability come up in numerous surveys. Since many adults spend at least one-third of their time working, employers are in a unique position to promote wellness and fitness. By removing barriers to exercise, your company is at an advantage both in recruiting the best talent and helping that talent thrive.

A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management looked at how exercise during the workday impacted self-rated productivity and mood. The program included a range of yoga, aerobic and strength training workouts so individual results varied. Overall,  participants reported feeling more energetic and better able to meet the demands of time management. Best of all, participants said they went home feeling satisfied about their workday!

What Makes A Great Employee Wellness Program

Johns Hopkins Institute for Health and Productivity Studies researched why some employee wellness programs are more successful than others. They performed a mix of program analysis, expert interviews, literature review and site visits. They identified nine best practices among top-performing wellness programs including:

  • Customizing the program to the team and members’ specific needs.
  • Creating a supportive culture of wellness beyond the program at all levels.
  • Convenient programs that employees can easily fit into their busy lives.
  • Fun and creative incentives that also encourage camaraderie. 

How Fitbod Offers Effective and Convenient Ways to Boost Morale 

Fitbod’s corporate fitness programs are designed to offer effective private workouts along with convenience. Membership is affordable for small and mid-sized companies. 

The personalized AI-driven workouts act similar to a private trainer. However, we included a social element where users can share workouts and hold fitness challenges. 

Whether you offer on-site fitness facilities or gym reimbursement programs, Fitbod offers an effective complement to the program. Even if your business doesn’t have the budget for a state-of-the-art gym, we’ve got you covered! Fitbod creates workouts using no equipment or whatever equipment you have on hand. Employees can workout at home, in a park, or in an empty room using our smartphone app. 

Schedule a free demonstration to see how Fitbod may be your team’s secret weapon.