Jessica Garcia


  • Head of People Operations: Jessica Garcia, a seasoned professional in people management and operations, spearheads Fitbod’s strategic growth and cultural development.
  • Strategic Growth Leadership: Instrumental in growing Fitbod from a scrappy 10-person startup in San Francisco to a robust international team of 50, showcasing Jessica’s prowess in organizational expansion.
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer & Project Management Certification: In addition to her HR expertise, Jessica holds a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certification and is a Certified Associate in Project Management, blending her passion for fitness with project leadership skills.


Jessica Garcia, as Fitbod’s Head of People Operations, brings a wealth of experience from her dynamic career and a unique perspective on company culture.


Professional Journey: Having worked at prominent companies like Eventbrite, Fitbit, and Coinbase, Jessica brings a wealth of corporate experience to Fitbod. Her journey includes navigating the unique landscapes of both the fitness and tech industries, aiming to disrupt historically harmful norms.


Philosophy: Jessica’s work philosophy centers on decentralizing company culture, emphasizing that it should be co-created by every employee. She believes in bringing one’s authentic self to work, fostering an environment where everyone can do the same. Notably, she envisions Fitbod as a disruptor, challenging industry norms for a more inclusive fitness and tech landscape.


Personal Interests: Beyond her professional role, Jessica enjoys lifting heavy, attempting yoga, and cherishing moments with her Australian cattle dog. She finds joy in creating, gardening, and living in a geodesic dome, reflecting her adventurous and creative spirit.


Jessica earned her Bachelor’s in Language Studies from UC Santa Cruz, with a transformative year at the Universitat de Barcelona, showcasing her commitment to linguistic diversity and global perspectives.

Upcoming Endeavors

Jessica looks forward to steering Fitbod towards becoming a well-oiled 250-person machine, demonstrating her dedication to the company’s continued growth and success.


Jessica Garcia’s multifaceted expertise in people operations, strategic growth leadership, and her commitment to disrupting industry norms make her an invaluable asset to Fitbod. With a unique blend of linguistic insights, fitness certifications, and a track record of fostering inclusive cultures, Jessica is poised to shape Fitbod’s future as a leader in the fitness and tech space.