Share your Fitbod success story!

We’d like to invite you to share your experience with Fitbod with us and others who may be inspired by your success! If selected, we plan to post your story to our website, blog and social media accounts.

Submission Process

To submit your Success Story, directly email [email protected]

Also, please attach a photo or two of yourself with your response. The photo can be a Before & After, or a pic of you working out!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

Success Story Questionnaire

Background Info:
Your name, occupation and location.

The Trigger:
Was there a moment or event that triggered your fitness journey or dedication to practicing fitness?

The Change:
How did Fitbod help you with your transformation/success?

Did you change anything in addition to exercise/fitness? Examples include: nutrition, smoking, jobs, meditation, sleep…

Any specific fitness goals that you have?

How has your transformation impacted your life?

Anything else you’d like to tell us? (Pre-workout/Post-workout routines? Favorite workout clothing brands? A funny story about Fitbod?)

Advice for others:
Any tips you have for others starting their strength training/transformation journey?