Our Trainers

Our in-house fitness pros ensure that Fitbod incorporates the best-practices of strength-training and exercise science into the workout recommendation engine. This team also architects each fitness goal programming, from Muscle Tone and Bodybuilding to Olympic & Powerlifting.

Nick Cerone

Nicholas is owner of Raise the Bar Fitness with 13 years experience in the fitness industry. He is a certified personal trainer, exercise specialist, and credited shiatsu massage practitioner. He has been coaching basketball for over 10 years, and has worked with Olympic rugby players as well as elite basketball, soccer, golf, and mma athletes.

Chris Matsui

Chris is currently the Director of Fusion Performance Training in New York City. Prior to Fusion, he spent over a decade coaching in the NFL and Division 1 programs as well as the private performance sector. Make sure to check out his daily updates on Instagram!

Irene Gardner

Irene is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She offers personalized nutrition counseling and education to individuals and groups of all ages.

Her areas of expertise include weight management, sports nutrition for athletes and active individuals, and general nutrition for adolescents and adults. Irene seeks to empower her clients with the knowledge and confidence to make positive changes for their health.

She has worked with Team USA Nutrition, USA Men’s Field Hockey, Atavus Rugby, Cal Women’s Rugby, All Blues Women’s Rugby and Raise the Bar Fitness Personal Training Studio.

Jesse Padilla

Jesse is a life long strength-training hobbyist and model. As an expert in correct form, hundreds of thousands of aspiring fitness enthusiasts view Jesse’s exercises demonstration videos to learn new moves and mitigate against injury.