Allen Chen


  • Fitness Tech Pioneer: Innovator and Co-Founder behind Fitbod, a cutting-edge fitness app designed to empower individuals with personalized workout recommendations based on workout history, muscle recovery, and fitness goals.
  • Algorithmic Expertise: Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UCLA and pursued a Master’s at Columbia University.
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer: Demonstrates a commitment to fitness expertise with certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • High-Frequency Trading Strategist: Former Vice President at BNP Paribas, contributing to the financial industry’s high-frequency trading landscape.
  • Vision for Fitbod: Continues to elevate Fitbod, providing more value to existing users, and reaching a broader audience to help them find value in Fitbod.


As the visionary force driving Fitbod, Allen Chen’s journey began with a personal quest for an intelligent fitness solution. Fueled by a background in computer science and algorithmic trading, Allen designed Fitbod to transcend conventional workout apps. His unique approach revolves around leveraging technology to understand individual workout histories, muscle recovery, and fitness objectives.


Before co-founding Fitbod, Allen honed his skills as a High-Frequency Trading Strategist at BNP Paribas. In the early stages of his career, he was involved in designing and developing a high-frequency commodities trading platform at CSA Group, LLC, showcasing software engineering innovation.


Under Allen’s leadership, Fitbod has evolved into a revolutionary fitness platform with over 300,000 subscribers. The app’s impact extends beyond numbers, as countless users have shared stories of transformed workouts, improved health, and enhanced lives.


Allen Chen’s academic journey began at UCLA, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He pursued a Master’s at Columbia University, though he chose to drop out, opting to create Fitbod and embark on a journey that would reshape the fitness tech landscape.


In summary, Allen Chen stands as the driving force behind Fitbod’s success, combining technical brilliance, algorithmic innovation, certified fitness expertise, a distinguished background in high-frequency trading, software engineering innovation at CSA Group, and a clear vision for the future of Fitbod. His multifaceted journey positions Fitbod at the intersection of technology and fitness, setting new standards in the industry. With a commitment to continuous evolution, Allen leads Fitbod towards greater heights in the fitness tech landscape.