Kyle Barton


  • L4 Software Engineer at Fitbod, renowned for enhancing system scalability and performance.
  • Holder of several patents in mobile communication device security and data processing.
  • Brings a unique blend of creative artistry and innovative technical problem-solving to large-scale system architecture.


Kyle Barton stands out as a L4 Software Engineer at Fitbod, where his role extends beyond technical expertise to include team leadership and innovative problem-solving. He has a proven track record of improving system performance and scalability.


Kyle’s tenure at opsZero and MasterClass further showcases his ability to adapt and excel in diverse software engineering environments. His work at Lookout is particularly noteworthy, where he made significant contributions to mobile device security and developed key patents.


Kyle earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University.


Personal Interests

Outside of his professional pursuits, Kyle enjoys surfing, road cycling, and playing punk rock bass guitar. These activities reflect his dynamic personality and creative spirit, contributing to his unique approach to technical challenges.


Major Achievements

  • Featured in Venture Beat for his work on Lookout Mobile.
  • Inventor on several U.S. patents related to mobile device security and data analysis, improving the functionality and safety of mobile communications devices.