Thiago Marzagão


  • PhD from the Ohio State University.
  • Peer-reviewed publications in top econometrics journals.
  • Nine years of experience leading high-impact data science projects in different industries and countries.


As the Lead Data Scientist at Fitbod, Thiago merges data science with exercise science to continously improve Fitbod’s workouts. He also helps design and analyze A/B tests, evangelizes a data-driven culture, and participates in Fitbod’s overall business planning.


Before joining Fitbod, Thiago’s professional journey spanned roles in academia, where he taught everything from basic statistics to deep learning, and in government, where he led many machine learning projects aimed at detecting and preventing corruption.


Outside his professional sphere, Thiago reads a lot of science fiction and dogfoods Fitbod nearly every day at the gym. His vision for Fitbod is clear – to establish it as the global authority in exercise science.


  • PhD in Political Science, Ohio State University, with dissertation research focused on natural language processing.
  • Extensive continued education through Coursera and Udacity courses, keeping up-to-date with the latest in data science and related fields.