A Better Workout Tab: Coming soon on iOS and Android

August 23, 2022

Just like you’re committed to your workouts, we are committed to continuously improving the Fitbod user experience. 

Our team has been working hard on rebuilding the Workout Tab from the ground up to improve usability with a number of features curated to give you the best possible workout experience. It also allows us to fix bugs more easily and launch new features faster (with something exciting coming your way soon!). And all the Fitbod functionality you know and love is still there–it just may take a workout or two to get used to.

Starting today and continuing over the next couple weeks, we are rolling out these changes to iOS users, and Android users can expect similar improvements in September. 

Read on to learn more about some of the new features of your workout tab. And for further guidance, visit our Help Center.


  • We heard from users that they wanted to be able to see their workout duration at a glance. When you start a workout, you’ll notice the bigger, easier-to-read timer at the top of your workout screen. 

Menu Items

  • This update makes it easier for you to take action on any workout, exercise or exercise group by tapping the corresponding three dots.
  • On an exercise group, tap the dots to add exercises, duplicate routines, normalize weights, unbundle or reorder.
  • On an individual exercise, tap the dots to view instructions, replace or delete it from your workout.
  • On a workout, tap the dots to save it, share it, add to it or view your upcoming workouts.

Reordering Exercises

  • More easily reorder any exercise, superset, circuit, warm-up or cool-down with improved drag-and-drop functionality—simply long press on an exercise or exercise group to try it out.

Logging sets

  • When your workout is in progress, log all superset/circuit exercises or individual exercises through those same three dots with a quick tap.

Add an exercise

  • To add an exercise to your workout, tap the + to the upper-right of your exercise list.

Instructions & Videos

  • Want to see how to do an exercise? Now you can tap on the exercise thumbnail images to quickly access the video and instructions page.

Quick Edits

  • Quick edits are now above the target muscle groups instead of at the end of the row, so you can adjust workout duration, muscles or exercise variability without swiping.

Discarding a Workout

  • Accidentally hit record when you weren’t ready? Workout didn’t go to plan? Easily discard a workout by tapping the ‘X’ in the top left corner of a workout in progress.