Built For Better

Fitness brands are always selling the concept of “best.”
The best body.
The best shape.
The best workout.
What about the idea of being better?
While best is someday, better is everyday.
Better means building on who you were yesterday.
Whether you’re exercising once a month or twice a day, Fitbod uses data & analytics to build your next workout.

Starting with your first rep...

Fitbod starts to understand you...

...and then picks your next best move.

What does it mean to be better?

It's about progressing every day.​

It’s not about the end goal...​

...but about continuing to move, improve & build.

Forever in pursuit of better.

At Fitbod, we believe everyone can be better.

Data-Driven Fitness

In 2015, the release of Fitbod marked the birth of a new fitness category, which modernizes fitness for a digital world.
Data-Driven Fitness today offers millions of people access to personalized exercise guidance - meeting each person where they are.
Fitbod's workout recommendations get better as more people with unique profiles and goals exercise with the app.
The more you workout with Fitbod and make progress, the more you help others lead more active, healthier lives.

We hope to see you out there!

The Fitbod Redesign

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