The Past Year’s Improvements: Fitbod’s 2023 Feature Round-Up

2023 Feature Round-Up

2023 was a big year for Fitbod. Our team grew. Our community is growing. And our product evolved. Fitbod got better because we listened to you, so thank you for your suggestions. And keep ’em coming—they help us develop and prioritize updates.

You wanted to see proof of your progress, so we doubled down on how you view and analyze your workout data.

You had ideas for better exercise recommendations, so we improved our workout generator.

Overall, you told us what you needed, and we put our heads together to do it.

In fact, according to a survey, 71 percent of you believe that we’re always making the app better. We agree—and this short blog post is your confirmation!

We’ll run through some of this year’s biggest updates, hit on some smaller wins and wrap up with what’s next in 2024.

Workout report sample images

Updates to Visualizing and Analyzing Your Progress

You told us that you wanted to see your progress more clearly, and we ran with that idea. Over the past year, our team has rebuilt how Fitbod visualizes your progress. With the tools listed below, you can dive deeper into your data with just a few taps.

All features above are available on both Android and iOS.
New exercise images

Updates that Provided You with Better Workouts

Fitbod is best at making workouts that work best for you. This year, you gave us a lot of feedback about our workout recommendations and exercise library, so we took those suggestions and made these improvements: 

  • 200+ New Exercises: You wanted new exercises, so we added more throughout the year. The list started with your most requested exercises. But, we hit on everything from mobility to plyometrics to more dumbbell variations. Check out the Recently Added to Fitbod category in the app for the latest additions.
  • Pregnancy Category: Our trainers get a lot of questions about training during pregnancy. So, we added an entire category of pregnancy exercises and created a comprehensive guide to training during and after pregnancy specifically for Fitbod users, with the help of an expert in the space.
  • Workout Generator Improvements: Thanks to our users for helping us get the “Recommend Less” setting dialed in. You told us that you wanted it to have an even greater impact on which exercises you see, so we cranked it up. Now, you’ll see those exercises even less than before. We also reworked the logic for our recommended cardio exercises. Now, if you flag a cardio exercise as “Do not recommend,” Fitbod will exclude it, even if the equipment is available.

All features above are available on both Android and iOS.

More Updates: Communications and Bug Smashing

These updates may not be as flashy as the ones above, but they have improved Fitbod’s overall experience and we’re still excited about them!

  • More Notification Settings: Now, you can choose exactly how and what Fitbod communicates with you. Update your preferences here.
  • Important Info in Your Log Tab: We added a spot in the Log Tab for info like new feature updates, workout reports, or exclusive discounts.
  • Ability to have your records reset: We let you pick your own starting line. After a break, you can now come back, reset and hit records from where you are—not where you were. Contact us at [email protected] if you want us to reset your records.
  • Squashed bugs that popped up—like logging issues on everyone’s favorite exercise, Hug a Ball (thanks for flagging it, keen-eyed Fitbodders).

All features above are available on both Android and iOS.

Confetti for records and streaks

Lastly: Some Android-specific Updates

Good news: The major updates we made to Android’s feature set have brought us even closer to parity with iOS!

In addition to getting all the features and improvements above, Android users also got these updates:

  • Added Records
  • Added Streaks
  • Added Farmer’s Carry, Sled Push/Pull, and Skierg exercises

Check out all features currently available on Android and those that we are working on here. 

What’s Next?

We have a lot planned for 2024. As far as our team is concerned, next year is an opportunity to make 366 days of progress.

Here are a few updates we’ve already started hammering out:

  • Smarter exercise recommendations, generated by a more informed AI
  • Better measurements of fitness, with Muscle Strength Scores
  • Optional ability to track your body composition metrics
  • New features to help you train more consistently
  • Even easier workout logging

Thanks for a great year, and we look forward to continuing to guide your progress in 2024!