Just Added: More Mobility Moves To Help You Feel and Perform at Your Best

March 15, 2023

Woman doing PVC tricep stretch

You said you wanted more mobility exercises, and we heard you! We’ve just added 20+ new mobility moves to our 900+ exercise library. Some are static, others dynamic, and a few use a band or PVC pipe to give you a good stretch.

Whether you want to reduce stiffness, improve your range of motion, or aid your recovery, be sure to add these moves to your warmups and cooldowns.

Mobility Moves: How To Do Them With Fitbod

Fitbod will automatically incorporate these new mobility moves into your warmups and cooldowns. So, make sure you’ve got them turned on. If you don’t see warmups and cooldowns in your workouts, you can toggle them on in your Gym Profile. (Read this if you’re on the stretching fence or inconsistent with your warmup and cooldown regimen: The Exercise Science Behind Fitbod’s Warmups and Cooldowns.)

That said, you might love some movements and dislike other ones. Make sure to tell Fitbod either way! Exclude what’s not working—and include what is—with Fitbod’s recommendation preferences. Get a refresher on how to do that here: Get More Exercises You Like. Swap Less of What You Don’t. 

We’ve also added a few standalone mobility routines. They’re great for recovery days, mornings off, and evening wind-downs. Our trainers made them specifically for those situations! You can also create your mobility flow and save it in the app.

Check out our favorites below and browse the rest of Fitbod’s mobility moves in the app’s “Recently Added to Fitbod” section.

Sample New Mobility Exercises for March ‘23

1. PVC Windmill

This one’s great for warming up your core and progressing through your range of motion. It’s also useful before workouts with a lot of rotational exercises.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling to feel the stretch with this exercise, focus on progressing through your range of motion. You can still improve your mobility even if you don’t feel a stretch.

2. Crossover Standing Forward Bend

This exercise is a good hamstring stretch variation that prevents you from being able to cheat the stretch by bending your knees. It also targets one hamstring at a time, making it easier to identify which side is tighter.

Pro tip:  If you feel any pain or discomfort in your knee, use another hamstring exercise. Crossing your legs will prevent your knee from bending, which may improve the stretch. But it might also place tension on your knee.

3. Lateral Leg Swing

This movement will dynamically help open up your hips. It’s the perfect addition to your warmup for any lower-body day.

Pro tip: If you struggle to feel the stretch with this exercise, focus on keeping your hips parallel with the wall. There is a tendency to allow your hips to rotate as your leg swings.

4. Half Center Split

Use this to improve your hip mobility—it’s perfect for those aiming at full splits. It’s easier to identify imbalances in mobility by limiting the stretch to a single side.

Pro tip: If you don’t feel this stretch, consider shifting your weight forward or backward. That might help you find the proper position to get the most out of this stretch.

5. PVC Tricep Stretch

This is a good variation of a tricep stretch. This exercise is good for two reasons: First, it stretches the muscle from a different point. Second, it’s easy to adapt to any level of flexibility.

Pro tip: You can improve this stretch by engaging your triceps slightly once you’ve been holding the stretch for a bit. Alternating between engaging and resting your triceps before you get back into the stretch can help you improve your mobility and range of motion.

Ready to Give ‘Em a Try?

Our Fitbod trainers built these three mobility workouts to include in your weekly routine. Open these on your phone and save them for easy access.


Q: How can I add these exercises to my workout?

A: Tap the “+” above your workout (next to the number of exercises in your workout), hit the “Categories” tab, and scroll to “Recently Added to Fitbod”. Or, if you’re on your phone, just tap here.

Q: Why am I not seeing these exercises in the app when I search for them?

Double-check to make sure that you’re on the latest version of the app: Go to the App Store or Google Play and install the most recent update. Then be sure to follow the instructions above!