Get More Exercises You Like. Swap Less of What You Don’t.

October 11, 2022

Smartphone showing Fitbod app

With our latest release, you’ve got even more control over your workouts… and our algorithm’s recommendations. Now, you can select whether an exercise is recommended more, less, or completely excluded from your exercise routines. 

Our algorithm will automatically adjust your workouts to better fit your preferences. And, you’ll be able to get training with fewer taps. 

Learn more about this feature and how to use it.

Why should I tell Fitbod to recommend an exercise more or less, instead of just replacing it myself?

Short answer: Speed. If you’ve been using Fitbod for a while, you’ve probably noticed that our algorithm learns pretty fast. It tailors your workouts to what you want, need, and manually update.

For example, if you keep replacing crunches with planks, Fitbod will eventually recommend planks more than crunches. But, this takes time because we’re not Skynet. Our algorithm has to learn from your patterns. 

If you want to speed up the process (sans Schwarzenegger and his robot buddies), you can tell Fitbod that you want certain exercises recommended more, less, or completely excluded. The algorithm will immediately update based on your preferences—no learning curve required. 

How often will I see an exercise if I say I want to see it more or less?

Good question. Your workouts are completely personalized, so your exercise recommendations will be too.

Learn more about what goes into the Fitbod algorithm here.

But, we’ve got a good idea of the range you should expect. If you want an exercise recommended more, you’ll probably see it 40-60% more often. If you ask to see an exercise less, it’ll pop up 20-40% less.  

Note: This feature is in beta. We’re still refining this bit of the algorithm: It requires more data (from you!) to work as well as the rest of the system. 

If you’ve got any feedback on this feature, please let us know by following this link.

Why hit the Recommend More Often button?

It’s great for…

  • Your favorite exercises. Any exercise that makes your workout more fun will make you more consistent. And, we all know that consistency is key to progress.
  • Getting better at certain exercises. Doing exercises more often will help strengthen the neural pathways (and muscles) needed to execute that move with good form.
  • Tracking progress, i.e. your projected 1 rep max. See your gains by comparing what you’re lifting today against what you lifted a month earlier.
  • Rehab or supporting exercises, like moves to aid your sports performance. The more you ask for them, the more they’ll show up in your routines.

Why tell Fitbod to recommend an exercise less often?

It’s great if…

  • You have exercises you don’t really love but know you should still do.
  • You’re plateauing with a certain exercise. Doing a certain exercise over and over will make your body very efficient at that exercise. Taking time away from an exercise or adding a bit of variety to your routine will not only help your mental game, it’ll help you make progress once you’ve returned to it. 
  • An exercise is too difficult to hit enough reps. Switching that exercise with an easier but similar exercise will help you progress.
    • Pull-ups are a perfect example: You might not be able to do them yet. But, you’ll be able to train your back muscles with exercises like the Lat Pulldown. 

Don’t Recommend Again (AKA Exclude)

This popular feature on iOS is now available on Android, too! 

Injured? Don’t feel comfortable with a certain exercise? Exclude it from all future workouts by tapping “Don’t Recommend Again”.

How to use this feature

  • Tap the three dots next to the exercise you would like to modify.
  • Select “Recommend More Often”, “Recommend Less Often”, or “Don’t Recommend Again”.
    • Selecting either “Recommend More Often” or “Recommend Less Often” will keep the exercise in your upcoming workout. 
    • Selecting “Don’t Recommend Again” will remove it, unless you’ve already logged a set.
  • The Fitbod algorithm adjusts specific exercise recommendations based on your new preferences but will stick to your overall training plan. 
  • You can view and manage your exercise recommendation preferences in your Workout Settings in the Log tab.
  • Pro tip: Head here if you already know which exercises you want to be recommended more, less, or excluded. 

Let us know what you think!

As of October 2022, this feature is in beta. So, you may see some minor fluctuations in exercise frequency over the next few weeks. Let us know how this feature is working out for you by filling out this super short survey. Thank you!