Saved Workouts: How to Get the Most Out of One of Fitbod’s Top Features

Updated October 19, 2022



Saved Workouts—one of Fitbod’s most popular features on iOS, and the most requested feature for Android—is now available on both platforms!

With Saved Workouts, you can create a library of workouts to load at any time: repeat your favorite workouts on demand, follow a prescribed routine, or build a program of your own.

How can you get the most out of Saved Workouts?

If you’re a fan of Fitbod’s personalized workout recommendations, you might wonder, “Why would I want to save a workout?”

Below are some of our favorite ways to use Saved Workouts, along with on-demand workouts by JP Michelson, Fitbod’s resident fitness expert and certified personal trainer. Open these workouts on your phone and save them for later.


1. Make the most of your time

Have 10 minutes to spare between appointments? 

Have Fitbod build you a workout tailored to your time and equipment constraints, then save it for the next time you find yourself in the same situation–whether you’re taking a break in your work day, in between classes, or unexpectedly have a few minutes to burn.

Consistency really is the key. Whether you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, there’s still time to work on getting better every day. 

On-demand workout: 10 min bodyweight only


2. Complement your sport-specific training 

Create and save a workout with moves that mimic your sport and target the most essential muscle groups for performance and resilience. Try adding these to your current training regimen, especially as you focus more on your sport-specific performance.

On-demand workout: Improve Performance: Running

On-demand workout: Improve Performance: Cycling


3. Master a specific move

Want to get better at a particular exercise? Save a workout that not only gets in your reps but also focuses on the muscles and movement patterns you need to level up. Try doing one of these workouts instead of a “regular” session, 1-3 times per week (and be sure to leave enough time for recovery!). 

On-demand workout: Improve Exercise: Pull Up 

On-demand workout: Improve Exercise: Squat 


Stay Challenged with Fitbod’s Recommendations 

If you’ve been using Fitbod for a while, you’ve likely seen the workout algorithm give you the same exercise but with increased sets, reps or weight; this is called progressive overload and is key to helping you continue to improve when you’re repeating workouts you’ve done before. 

Now, this Fitbod-recommended progressive overload can affect your Saved Workouts on both iOS and Android. 

When you load a saved workout, you have three options:

  • Load the original workout exactly as you saved it. You can update sets, reps and weight manually, if you want.
  • Progress weight levels only: Keep your saved set and rep scheme, and let Fitbod update weights according to your current capability.
  • Generate new sets, reps and weight levels: This option keeps the same exercises, but lets the Fitbod algorithm work its full magic.

How to Get Started

To save a workout you just generated or created, start on the Workout screen, select the “…” icon (top right) and select Save Workout. Then find your saved workouts by tapping the “dumbbell +” icon (top left) and select Saved Workouts.

For more on how to use this feature, visit our Help Center. 

What’s Next 

Just because we’ve launched Saved Workouts on Android, that doesn’t mean the feature is finished evolving. Our team works hard to continuously improve every product and feature we offer, learning from you and your feedback, and we’ll be doing the same with Saved Workouts.

Currently, the option to choose to have your reps, sets and/or weights adjusted each time you load a workout is only available on Android. We’re excited to hear from the Android and iOS communities alike in order to develop the next iteration for all platforms. 


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