Brian Williams

Attorney at Law, Pasadena, CA

The Trigger:

I have been a fitness buff for many years. In high school and college, I was always the skinniest kid around. As I got older and into my career, the skinny kid gave way to the father of two that had to keep up with two very active boys! I knew that I had to stay active if I wanted to keep up with them, so I began my fitness journey. Some twenty years later as my kids have gotten older, I found myself hitting another plateau. With no more kids to chase around, my workouts lessened and I could see the definition going away… and then I discovered Fitbod!

The Change:

I have been using the app for just over a month now and I can already see the difference— greater definition, loss of weight, challenging workouts and a renewed commitment to my workouts. My workouts had become stagnant and there was clearly muscle memory from my rather routine workouts. Fitbod’s variety of exercises is one of the keys to this system.

My immediate fitness goal is by the time I hit the Caribbean next summer to have a flat stomach, abs showing and increase my muscle


I work out with a group of guys who are very competitive- we push one another during our workouts. When I first started using Fitbod, they all scoffed at the idea. Now, they can’t wait to see and imitate the various exercise routines. My family members have noticed the difference and I am purchasing the app for many of them for the holidays.

Advice for others:

Stick to your commitment! You are a special and unique person and there is no need to compete with others because you think they look bigger or better. Chances are there are folks in the gym watching you and your fitness journey and are being inspired!

Disclaimer: This post has been edited for brevity and clarity.