Dillon Appleman

Copy Writer, Jacksonville, FL

The Trigger:

The trigger to my weight loss isn’t as traditional as most I feel. I was overweight and have always wanted to get in shape, but the real trigger came from my mental state getting to a place that scared me. I was having anxiety issues and felt unhealthy mentally. As someone who doesn’t like to rely on medications I turned to trying to fix my diet and working out to see if it helped. Short answer is it did and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Change:

Fitbod helped me greatly in terms of scheduling and educating. I work a full time job and everybody knows it’s tough to get to the gym regularly after a long day at work. Before Fitbod I was just doing what I knew (which wasn’t much) and knew I needed to start learning more to make a significant improvement. I stumbled upon FitBod and have been using it ever since.

It’s helped me to make sure I touch on every muscle group without just sticking to what I knew. Which in turn helped to educate me on how important it is to mix it up. In addition to improving my workouts, I have made it a point to watch my diet. The biggest change, however, is what I mentioned before and that’s my mental health. Going to the gym and eating better has drastically improved my mentality and I am so thankful I have found this solace.

When I started working out I weighed 278 (I’m 6’1”) and I’ve been able to get down to about 245 right now. My goal is to get to a healthy 225.


My current transformation has given me a newfound confidence in myself. I feel as good as I have in years and the gym has become a very important part of my life.

Pre-workout, I start by taking some mesomorph preworkout and then I stretch for about 10 minutes or so. I then start with a cardio workout to get loose (usually the stationary bike). Post-workout, I really have come to enjoy a sauna after a workout. I’m lucky to have one in my gym and the mental clarity and relaxation it provides me is incredible.

Advice for others:

The only tip I can provide to anybody that is just starting their journey is to be honest with yourself. If you want to make a change for the better you have to admit that the change is necessary and that certain habits you have are what are holding you back. As long as you can do that you will be on the road to success.

Disclaimer: This post has been edited for brevity and clarity.