Russ Moose

Preacher, Oklahoma

The Trigger:

The trigger was seeing photos of me at a friend’s wedding yikes!

The Change:

Fitbod helped me with my transformation because I had rarely lifted weights before. I didn’t have much of an idea of what to do, how much, weight, when to increase etc. Now weight lifting is the best part of my workout.

Did you change anything in addition to exercise/fitness?

I cut out soda and started paying attention to my calorie intake.

As far as routine, I use a pre-workout & creatine before workouts and creatine again after workouts. I also take a protein supplement following my workout I try to limit how much I eat out.

Like has been said many times by others, eat lean meats and get plenty of fruits and veggies and take your vitamins 🙂


I have lost 70 pounds overall, and after adding Fitbod I have gained quite a bit of muscle as well. Arms and shoulders especially!

Are there any specific fitness goals that you have?

I would like to lose some more weight and to continue to gain muscle.

Advice for others:

Don’t quit. Bad days happen. Keep at it and you will see changes. Ignore any naysayers and keep working.

Start slow—Rome wasn’t built in a day. Get as much sleep as you can and develop a workout routine. Without a routine it’s hard for exercise to become a habit.

Disclaimer: This post has been edited for brevity and clarity.