Ryan Thomson

Project Manager, OH

The Trigger:

After years of working in construction, I moved to an office position. After a few years working in an office, I saw a picture of myself and realized that I had put on a bunch of weight. That is when I began to get hooked on fitness. I can not imagine my life now without exercise. Exercising has become a true joy in my life.

The Change:

I was not very familiar with all of the different exercises out there. I had tried a couple of DVD programs but they were always limited in the movements they performed and the equipment used. These programs would always lead to boredom and plateaus. Fitbod has a constant library of moves with all types of equipment. Combined with instructions for the movements and great goal-based programs, you have a winning program for success.

Proper nutrition is extremely important to fitness. I definitely did change my eating habits. At first, I tracked everything but now I have trained myself to eat healthy in general. It has become an easy habit.

My goals change over time. In the beginning, my goal was to lose weight. Then I felt as though I had lost too much weight so my goal became to gain muscle mass. Over time, it changes back and forth from adding strength to defining muscle.


Aside from the obvious physical changes with more strength and more defined muscle, being fit has greatly improved my mood and energy. Being in a better mood and having more energy not only benefits me but others around me as well. I am more apt to play with my kids, I perform better at work, and the impacts of being healthy are existential.

I do use pre and post workout drinks to help boost my effectiveness in training and recovery time but by far the most important thing I need is good music blasting to get me to squash that last rep.

Advice for others:

Do some research. Spend some time browsing the web and social forums for good advice on what you should do to accomplish whatever your goal is. Learn good form first. Don’t stop! I have been at this exercising thing seriously for about 5 years and it took about 3-4 years before I was really satisfied.

Disclaimer: This post has been edited for brevity and clarity.