Victoria Zanoudakis

Law student/clerk, Cleveland OH

The Trigger:

The moment that lit a fire under me to get fit was realizing that I was finally in control of my environment. Getting fit and losing weight is hard, but doing it while your surroundings are working against you only make it that much harder! I was finally living alone, doing my own grocery shopping, making my own schedule, etc. I didn’t have any more excuses. Only I was holding myself back and, I wanted to be fit more than I wanted anything!

The Change:

I’ve always worked out and I had been lifting weights for a while, but I always struggled having a good routine that I loved and could see progress with. Fitbod changed that for me! I also was wasting so much time messing with my phone to keep track of my lifts. Fitbod streamlined my workouts, showed me my progress, suggested new lifts, and showed me how to do moves correctly! It totally boosted my motivation to get to the gym, and my confidence when lifting.

Did you change anything in addition to exercise/fitness?

I started following Weight Watchers to help control my eating habits and I started drinking tons more water.

Any specific fitness goals that you have?

I want to lose 150 bs and I want to inspire others to hit their goals too!


I’ve lost over 85lbs and I’ve gone down 4 pants sizes!

Advice for others:

Just do it! Stick to it for 1 month! Motivation will only get you so far, discipline is what you have to have. Also, find healthy versions of your favorite foods. There are thousands online! You don’t have to hate what you’re eating!

Anything else?

I follow a push-pull-legs routine and I keep my goal for time spent at the gym attainable so I can hit it. Most importantly, I have good headphones and some killer playlists – essentials for a great gym session!

Disclaimer: This post has been edited for brevity and clarity.