Maggie Morgan


Maggie has laid a solid foundation in nutrition and dietetics with an Associate of Science from Santa Monica College. Further enhancing her expertise, she has earned the NASM CPT personal training certification and became a Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist. This diverse educational background empowers her to craft nutrition strategies tailored to the unique needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


  • Certified Nutritionist specializing in Performance Nutrition, focused on powerlifters and strength trainers.
  • Holds an Associate of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Santa Monica College, NASM CPT personal training certification, and Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist.
  • Featured in respected publications such as and


Maggie Morgan, a Certified Nutritionist and dedicated professional in the field of Performance Nutrition, is passionate about helping powerlifters, strength trainers, and individuals seeking to enhance their relationship with food. She is committed to providing evidence-based information, drawing from both her extensive education and personal experiences in powerlifting and CrossFit. Maggie’s approach combines scientific knowledge with practical insights, ensuring her readers and clients can effectively fuel their bodies and optimize their performance. Her writing is not just informative but also experiential, making complex nutritional concepts accessible and applicable to everyday training regimens.

Personal Life

Outside of her professional realm, Maggie is an avid enthusiast of activities like hiking, climbing, powerlifting, and CrossFit. These hobbies not only complement her professional expertise but also reflect her commitment to a lifestyle centered around health, strength, and endurance.