Dr. Niraj Patel


Dr. Patel’s educational background is as diverse as it is impressive. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree leading to a specialization in Family Medicine (Cleveland Clinic Akron General) where he served as Chief Resident, and then in Sports Medicine (OhioHealth Riverside).


  • Expert in Primary Care Sports Medicine with extensive experience in digital health and telemedicine, particularly for fitness experts and enthusiasts.
  • Holds multiple degrees, including a DO, MBA, and additional certifications in Health Informatics and Regulatory Success for Digital Health Products.
  • Published author in prominent publications such as Forbes Health, GoodRx Care, and Cora Health, with research articles featured in PubMed.


Dr. Niraj Patel, DO, MBA, is a distinguished figure in the field of Primary Care Sports Medicine, combining his medical expertise with a passion for digital health innovation. Dr. Patel’s work as a Medical Director at Cora Health and a member of the Forbes Health Advisory Board showcases his dedication to advancing healthcare through technology and telemedicine. His extensive experience includes roles at GoodRx Care, Medcor (working as a production physician for CBS sports & ESPN), and as a medical consultant for Elsevier, Sports Medicine physician and Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center, reflecting his diverse skill set in clinical practice, consulting, and medical content creation.


Dr. Patel’s philosophy of treating patients humanistically, focusing on individual concerns and practical, evidence-based medicine, informs his writing and professional practice. His contributions to the field are characterized by a blend of clinical acumen and a deep understanding of the dynamics of health and technology.


Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Patel enjoys watching professional sports, staying active through exercise, reading, and spending quality time with his daughter. This personal passion for sports and fitness further enriches his professional insights into sports medicine.