Android Parity Update

Hello Fitbod Community,

You all have had a lot of questions about our Android experience and we’d like to give you an update on where we stand with matching the same features that appear on our iOS app.

Taking a look back, we shipped our Android beta experience in early 2020 with a core feature set that allowed for workout creation and logging. Since then, we’ve added several features to match our iOS experience. This has included:

  • Our core recommendation algorithm that generates your next best workout
  • Over 680 exercises
  • Circuits and Supersets
  • Weekly Workout Goal and Workout Previews
  • Cardio exercises and recommendations
  • Warm-up sets
  • Custom Resistance bands
  • Max effort day
  • And most recently a brand new Wear OS experience for Android Smart Watches 

We chose to ship our Android experience early so that we could deliver the value of Fitbod to the Android community and work with you to improve the product. You all have provided absolutely invaluable feedback that has been a huge asset to helping us design and build the next and better version of Fitbod.

As time went on, unexpected changes and opportunities came up. These things are natural and expected in any product development process. 

Of course, we have also been actively listening to the Fitbod Android community, and one area that our efforts broke down was in our lack of communication that we hear you, and we understand your frustration about why Android doesn’t match our iOS experience. For that, we apologize and commit to improving our communication with you moving forward.

One of our company values is the philosophy that problems are opportunities to be better. Living up to that value, we are committing to take a step towards better by providing more consistent and transparent communication on where Fitbod for Android is with reaching parity with iOS. In the second half of this post we outline exactly what we’ve done and will be doing moving forward.

Of course we can’t look back without also thanking you all for helping us not just bring Fitbod to Android, but to quickly become one of the top fitness apps in the Google Play store. This success is also a testament to the amazing work you all have done to improve your own health and fitness.

  • Since launch, we’ve had over 260K installs.
  • Over four thousand 5 star reviews
  • Fitbod for Wear OS has been in the top 25 charts since August!
  • One of the most spectacular achievements has been the progress you all have made in your journeys by logging over 800K unique workouts on Android alone so far this year. Truly amazing work Fitbod community!

So, now to answer the question you all have been asking, why haven’t we reached parity with iOS yet?

There are 3 primary reasons:

  1. Our small team has been focused on rebuilding a more stable and robust infrastructure
    This focus has meant reallocating resources and in turn delaying Android parity with iOS. However, this is setting up a significantly more reliable and scalable infrastructure that our products will use to deliver a superior experience and future exciting features across all platforms.

    This is also going to mean your data will now be synced and available across all your devices, no more divide between iOS and Android!

  2. We had unexpected changes to our Android team

    This left us with a very small team for the last 6 months and they have been doing a phenomenal job owning our Android development and continuously making progress to reaching parity with iOS. Of course, the next question you’re likely asking is ‘Why haven’t you hired anyone?’ we expand on this below.

  3. We shipped our first wearable experience for Android in partnership with Google

    Watch and wearables are key parts of our product strategy – Fitbod should be where people access their health and fitness, and this access is increasing on wearables.

    Having a wearable experience for Android users was always on the roadmap to parity with our iOS experience. Many of our iOS users rely on the Apple Watch app for a more seamless logging experience without handling the phone. 

    Admittedly though, we didn’t intend to tackle this challenge before many of the features you all have been waiting for. Making the decision to pursue this project was a tough one.

    On one hand, we know how important reaching parity is. On the other, the creator of the platform we’re building on offered us the guidance and time to help us pursue a challenging and core piece of our experience.

    The partnership with Google allowed us to leverage resources we would have otherwise never had available to us. We chose to move forward with developing the watch experience as that partnership was a key part to the successful launch. 

What we’re committing to:

  • We’re expanding our Android Engineering Team:

    You’re likely asking why we haven’t done this already. As of today, we’ve brought on a new team member to our Android team and are continuing to actively recruit.

    Of course, we’ve been actively recruiting Android engineers for quite some time now. We’ve met and interviewed many great candidates, the challenge has been finding the best fit for our team at this moment. With a team as small as ours, we must have a very confident skill and cultural fit if we are to continue moving as fast as we are today.

  • We’ve brought on a full-time recruiter to help us in our search:
    They’ve built out a very hot pipeline for us. So expect us to continue recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.
    If any of you are interested in shaping the future of Fitbod, please do apply on our jobs page. We love hiring Fitbod users!
  • We’ve established a community management team:

    Earlier this year we brought on our first social community manager. They’ve been doing an amazing job helping us support and engage users across our various social platforms. They’ve also played a key role in helping us collect feedback on our products, including the feedback you all have been giving us on the Android experience.

    Moving forward our product team will be working more consistently with this team to make sure we are listening and engaging with you all through various mediums. We intend to plan some exciting events too, like a Fitbod AMA! (See below)

  • We will be communicating every new feature release:

    Every new feature release will be accompanied with an announcement via email and when appropriate, social media post. This way you’ll know when and how you can start taking advantage of new features.

  • We will be hosting a Fitbod Product AMA (Ask me anything):
    • Date: 10/29/21
    • Time: 12PM PST
    • Location: Fitbod Instagram – @fitbodapp
    • You can expect to be able to ask questions and have the Fitbod Product team answer them. Candidly, we may not be able to answer everyone’s questions, so we’ll be focusing on the most asked. Depending on attendance and outcome, we hope to hold more events like this.

We believe we have a responsibility to you all to deliver the best possible experiences that help you achieve your health and fitness goals and we are committed to deliver on that. It’s not always going to be easy and it’s not always going to be perfect, but the most important thing we can do is communicate.

We look forward to actively engaging, connecting, and improving with you all.

– The Fitbod Product Team