How to do an Alternating Medicine Ball Push Up

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About Alternating Medicine Ball Push Up

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Instructions: How To

Alternating Medicine Ball Push Up is a more challenging variation on the standard Push Up. This compound movement primarily targets your chest, shoulders and triceps. The use of a medicine ball forces you to shift most of your weight to one side or the other, this can help you address strength imbalances between sides. Balancing on the medicine ball can also help you develop more stability for this and other pushing exercises.

  1. Position your extended arms just outside shoulder-width apart with your right palm on top of a medicine ball.
  2. Elevate your knees to straighten your body from your heels to your shoulders and maintain this straight alignment throughout the exercise.
  3. Flex your elbows to descend your chest keeping your elbows 45 degrees from your torso and chest parallel with the floor.
  4. Once your chest has reached just above the floor, extend your elbows to return to the the starting position and roll the ball to the left hand.
  5. Repeat for allotted repetitions.

Common Mistakes

  • Resisting Rotation

    Your core is responsible for stabilizing your upper body during this exercise. Because the resistance isn’t balanced between both sides, you’ll naturally engage your core to resist this rotation. Ensure that you’re only resisting the rotation, and keeping your upper body stable. Don’t use your core to assist in performing the exercise.

  • Flat Back

    Don’t allow your hips to sag or raise up during this exercise. It’s very common to see this especially as you become fatigued during your set. Keeping your core engaged will help you keep your spine in a neutral position. It can also help to think of this exercise as a plank first, and the movement as a secondary piece to this exercise.

  • Don’t Twist

    Twisting can help you perform more reps of this exercise by allowing your arm on the ground to extend. Focus on keeping your shoulders level and extend your arms by engaging your chest, not by rotating. It’s OK to twist slightly as you roll the ball from one side to the other.

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