The 6 Best Lat Pulldown Exercises

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  1. 1. Lat Pulldown

    Photo of Lat Pulldown being performed
    7,282,448 SETS LOGGED
    100 mSCORE

    This compound exercise primarily targets the back, but also hits the shoulders and biceps. The movement itself is based on a Pull Up, however, by locking your legs into place, you can add significantly more stability to the movement making it easier to complete a rep, as well as getting control over the resistance. This exercise can be easily adapted to meet your needs with different handles.

  2. 2. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

    Photo of Wide Grip Lat Pulldown being performed
    1,189,185 SETS LOGGED
    90.2 mSCORE

    Targets the latissimus dorsi, biceps, and upper back. This variation with a wider grip emphasizes the outer lats, enhancing back width and posture. Ideal for those aiming to strengthen and broaden their back, improving both aesthetics and functional pull strength.

  3. 3. V-Bar Pulldown

    Photo of V-Bar Pulldown being performed
    1,136,714 SETS LOGGED
    89.2 mSCORE

    The V-Bar Pulldown is a compound exercise targeting the upper back, specifically the latissimus dorsi, with added emphasis on the middle back and biceps. Using a V-Bar allows for a neutral grip, which can reduce shoulder strain and increase the focus on the lats over the standard bar pulldown. This variation is particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance grip strength and provide a more comfortable wrist position, potentially allowing for heavier lifts and increased muscle engagement.

  4. 4. Straight-Arm Pulldown

    Photo of Straight-Arm Pulldown being performed
    1,027,460 SETS LOGGED
    54.7 mSCORE

    This is an isolation exercise that primarily targets your back. Pulling the bar down in an arc with your arms straight helps to remove muscle groups like biceps from the movement, and allows you to focus your attention on your back. You can further adjust where in your back you’re targeting by moving your hands closer to the ends of the bar.

  5. 5. Reverse Grip Pull Down

    Photo of Reverse Grip Pull Down being performed
    793,857 SETS LOGGED
    90.6 mSCORE

    The Reverse Grip Pull Down is a compound exercise that primarily targets the latissimus dorsi but shifts more focus towards the lower lats and biceps due to the underhand grip. This variation can be easier on the wrists and elbows than the traditional overhand grip and allows for a closer grip, enhancing the activation of the targeted muscles. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking to increase the thickness of their lower lats and improve overall back strength and aesthetics.

  6. 6. Single Arm Lat Pulldown

    Photo of Single Arm Lat Pulldown being performed
    744,815 SETS LOGGED
    62.7 mSCORE

    The Single Arm Lat Pulldown is a unilateral compound exercise that isolates the latissimus dorsi while improving muscle imbalances and enhancing core stability. By pulling with one arm at a time, this exercise allows for a greater range of motion and a deeper stretch in the lats compared to the traditional lat pulldown. It also engages the core and obliques to a greater degree as they work to stabilize the body, making it a challenging yet effective variation.