The 19 Best Pull Up Bar Exercises

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  1. 1. Pull Up

    Photo of Pull Up being performed
    3,430,109 SETS LOGGED
    85 mSCORE

    Pull Ups are compound, bodyweight exercise that primarily target the back, but also hits the shoulders and biceps. While this exercise does have a decently high barrier to entry, it can be easily adapted to match your current conditioning with weighted or assisted variations. This is an excellent exercise for building functional strength and body control.

  2. 2. Chin Up

    Photo of Chin Up being performed
    1,792,443 SETS LOGGED
    80.9 mSCORE

    Chin Ups are a compound, bodyweight exercise that primarily targets your back, but also hits your biceps. It’s similar to a Pull Up, but uses an underhand grip. This is a great exercise for getting more comfortable on a pull up bar, and is great for building strength, and muscle mass.

  3. 3. Hanging Knee Raise

    Photo of Hanging Knee Raise being performed
    825,177 SETS LOGGED
    53.1 mSCORE

    Hanging Knee Raise is a variation of Vertical Knee Raise. Like Vertical Knee Raise, this is a bodyweight core exercise that involves suspending yourself and raising your knees to your chest. By hanging from a pull up bar, you add more instability to the movement, which causes you to further recruit your core for stability.

  4. 4. Neutral Grip Pull Up

    Photo of Neutral Grip Pull Up being performed
    808,077 SETS LOGGED
    45.4 mSCORE

    Targets the lats, biceps, and forearms using a grip where palms face each other. This variation is gentler on the shoulders and wrists, making it a suitable choice for those with joint concerns or looking to add variety to their pull-up routine.

  5. 5. Wide Grip Pull Up

    Photo of Wide Grip Pull Up being performed
    691,008 SETS LOGGED
    44.8 mSCORE

    Focuses on the upper back, lats, and biceps, emphasizing the outer lats for improved back width. This challenging variation is suited for individuals looking to increase their upper body strength and achieve a more V-shaped torso.

  6. 6. Dead Hang

    Photo of Dead Hang being performed
    682,781 SETS LOGGED
    8.3 mSCORE

    The Dead Hang involves hanging from a pull-up bar with straight arms and relaxed shoulders for as long as possible. It is an excellent exercise for improving grip strength, decompressing the spine, and enhancing shoulder stability. Regular practice can also help in increasing endurance for other pull-up bar exercises.

  7. 7. Scapular Pull Up

    Photo of Scapular Pull Up being performed
    227,206 SETS LOGGED
    21.8 mSCORE

    A bodyweight exercise focusing on shoulder stability and scapular retraction. It targets the upper back and improves posture. Unlike traditional pull-ups, the emphasis is on engaging the shoulder blades rather than pulling the body up.

  8. 8. Mixed Grip Pull Up

    Photo of Mixed Grip Pull Up being performed
    191,514 SETS LOGGED
    22.6 mSCORE

    Combines one palm facing forward and one palm facing the body, challenging the lats, biceps, and grip strength unevenly. This variation helps in overcoming strength imbalances and enhances grip variation for improved muscular development.

  9. 9. V-Bar Pull Up

    Photo of V-Bar Pull Up being performed
    190,477 SETS LOGGED
    50.3 mSCORE

    Targets the middle back, biceps, and lats by using a V-bar grip, which allows for a neutral or slightly supinated grip. This exercise is excellent for those wanting to emphasize the middle to lower lats and improve overall back strength.

  10. 10. Toes to Bar

    Photo of Toes to Bar being performed
    112,591 SETS LOGGED
    32.1 mSCORE

    Toes to Bar is a challenging core exercise performed by hanging from a pull-up bar and lifting the toes to touch the bar, engaging the abs, hip flexors, and shoulders. It requires significant core strength and flexibility, making it a staple in gymnastics and functional fitness routines.

    • Intermediate
    • Abs

11 - 19

  1. 11. Loop Band Pull Up

    Photo of Loop Band Pull Up being performed
    88,940 SETS LOGGED
    20.7 mSCORE

    Similar to other Pull Up variations, this is a compound exercise that primarily targets your back. This is an assisted variation which is great for anyone looking to build the strength needed to perform a full set of Pull Ups. Unlike some other assisted variations, the use of a loop band allows for the assistance to decrease as you move closer and closer to the bar.

  2. 12. Archer Pull Up

    Photo of Archer Pull Up being performed
    82,155 SETS LOGGED
    24.7 mSCORE

    A dynamic and advanced pull-up variation that involves a circular motion, allowing for faster and more efficient movement. Ideal for athletes looking to increase pull-up speed and efficiency, particularly in competitive settings.

  3. 13. Loop Band Chin Up

    Photo of Loop Band Chin Up being performed
    45,435 SETS LOGGED
    51.3 mSCORE

    The Loop Band Chin Up uses a looped resistance band attached to a pull-up bar to assist with the chin-up motion. This variation is perfect for beginners or those working on improving their upper body strength, as the band helps lift some of the body's weight, making the chin-up more accessible.

  4. 14. Loop Band Negative Pull Up

    Photo of Loop Band Negative Pull Up being performed
    29,659 SETS LOGGED
    26 mSCORE

    Similar to the Negative Chin Up but with a wider, overhand grip, the Loop Band Negative Pull Up targets the lats, biceps, and shoulders. The loop band provides assistance, allowing the practitioner to focus on a slow and controlled descent, enhancing muscle endurance and strength.

  5. 15. Bar Muscle Up

    Photo of Bar Muscle Up being performed
    24,197 SETS LOGGED
    62 mSCORE

    Similar to the standard Muscle Up, the Bar Muscle Up is performed on a pull-up bar and requires pulling oneself up from a hanging position and transitioning into a dip. It focuses on upper body strength, particularly in the shoulders, arms, and back, demanding high levels of power and technique. This variation is often used in gymnastics and cross-training workouts.

  6. 16. Loop Band Negative Chin Up

    Photo of Loop Band Negative Chin Up being performed
    19,861 SETS LOGGED
    28.4 mSCORE

    Focusing on the eccentric (lowering) phase of the chin-up, the Loop Band Negative Chin Up uses a looped resistance band for assistance. This exercise emphasizes controlled descent, improving strength and muscle growth in the biceps, forearms, and back, and is ideal for building up to unassisted chin-ups.

  7. 17. Hanging Windshield Wiper

    Photo of Hanging Windshield Wiper being performed
    17,365 SETS LOGGED
    53.2 mSCORE

    This advanced core exercise is performed by hanging from a pull-up bar and rotating the legs from side to side in a wide arc, resembling a windshield wiper. It targets the obliques, abs, and hip flexors, while also engaging the arms and shoulders. It's excellent for developing core stability, flexibility, and overall body control.

  8. 18. Butterfly Pull Up

    Photo of Butterfly Pull Up being performed
    16,167 SETS LOGGED
    60.5 mSCORE

    An advanced and dynamic variation of the traditional pull-up, the Butterfly Pull Up is designed to minimize the movement's time by incorporating a circular motion with the legs and hips. This technique allows for quicker and more efficient repetitions, making it particularly popular in competitive fitness and CrossFit. It targets the upper back, shoulders, and arms, requiring and building significant core strength and coordination. Ideal for athletes looking to increase their pull-up efficiency and endurance, this exercise demands mastery of basic pull-ups and excellent upper body strength before attempting.

  9. 19. Toes to Bar Kipping

    Photo of Toes to Bar Kipping being performed
    2,823 SETS LOGGED
    20.1 mSCORE

    The Kipping version of Toes to Bar introduces momentum into the exercise, making it slightly less focused on pure core strength and more on coordination and timing. This variation is popular in cross-training and functional fitness, providing a cardiovascular challenge while still targeting the core and upper body.

    • Intermediate
    • Abs