The 15 Best Adductors Exercises

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  1. 1. Machine Hip Adductor

    Photo of Machine Hip Adductor being performed
    1,085,673 SETS LOGGED100 mSCORE

    An isolation exercise targeting the adductors. The use of a machine restricts your range of motion, and forces you to move the weight along a set path. This helps add stability to the movement allowing you to focus your efforts on exertion rather than stability.

    • Beginner
    • Thigh Adductor Machine
  2. 2. Cable Hip Adduction

    Photo of Cable Hip Adduction being performed
    137,843 SETS LOGGED83.3 mSCORE

    This exercise is a cable variation of Standing Hip Adduction. The use of a cable machine allows for greater resistance as well as giving you more control over the exact direction your resistance is coming from. This exercise can help improve lower body strength and hip stability.

  3. 3. Butterfly Stretch

    Photo of Butterfly Stretch being performed
    320,570 SETS LOGGED81.3 mSCORE

    Butterfly Stretch is an essential flexibility exercise that targets the inner thighs, groin, and lower back. By sitting upright with your feet together and knees bent outwards, you gently press your knees toward the ground. This stretch helps improve hip mobility and can alleviate tension in the lower back. It’s excellent for maintaining flexibility and reducing the risk of injury.

    • Beginner
  4. 4. Loop Band Standing Hip Adduction

    Photo of Loop Band Standing Hip Adduction being performed
    60,660 SETS LOGGED75 mSCORE

    This exercise is a loop band variation of the Standing Hip Adduction. The loop band allows for greater resistance than the bodyweight variation. This exercise primarily targets the adductors, and is an effective way to help improve lower body strength and hip stability.

  5. 5. Foam Roll Hip Flexors

    Photo of Foam Roll Hip Flexors being performed
    199,657 SETS LOGGED64.6 mSCORE

    Foam Roll Hip Flexors is an effective myofascial release technique that targets the hip flexors. This can help alleviate tightness and improve mobility in the hip joint, which can benefit a wide variety of movements including squats and lunges. Using a foam roller can also help increase blood flow to the area, promoting recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

    • Beginner
    • Foam Roller
  6. 6. Lateral Cone Hop

    Photo of Lateral Cone Hop being performed
    19,542 SETS LOGGED60.4 mSCORE

    Lateral Cone Hop is a plyometric exercise that primarily targets your lower body muscles, especially the quads, hamstrings, and calves. By hopping laterally over a cone, you add an element of instability and agility to the movement. This exercise is excellent for improving lateral quickness, coordination, and overall athletic performance. It's a great way to add intensity and variety to your lower body or agility training.

    • Beginner
    • Cone
  7. 7. Walking Side Kicks Half Turn

    Photo of Walking Side Kicks Half Turn being performed
    9,150 SETS LOGGED50 mSCORE

    Walking Side Kicks Half Turn is a dynamic, compound exercise that primarily targets the glutes and hip flexors. By walking sideways and incorporating a kick with a half turn, this movement requires stability and coordination, which engages the core as well. This variation adds a functional, agile component that can be beneficial for athletes or those looking to enhance hip mobility and balance.

    • Beginner
  8. 8. Lateral Lunge Stretch

    Photo of Lateral Lunge Stretch being performed
    185,348 SETS LOGGED47.9 mSCORE

    Lateral Lunge Stretch is a mobility exercise that targets your hip flexors, adductors (inner thighs), and hamstrings. By stepping to the side and lowering your hips, you can deeply stretch these muscle groups. This exercise helps to improve flexibility and range of motion in your lower body, making it a great addition to warm-ups or cooldowns.

    • Beginner
  9. 9. Lateral Bound

    Photo of Lateral Bound being performed
    203,764 SETS LOGGED43.8 mSCORE

    This explosive plyometric exercise is a lateral variation of the bound. This exercise can help improve lateral explosiveness, lower body strength, and balance. This exercise primarily targets the lower body muscles.

    • Beginner
  10. 10. Frog Stretch

    Photo of Frog Stretch being performed
    19,165 SETS LOGGED39.6 mSCORE

    Frog Stretch is an excellent exercise for improving hip mobility and flexibility. This stretch primarily targets the hip adductors and can help alleviate tightness in the groin and inner thigh areas. By positioning your knees wide apart and lowering your hips towards the ground, you can achieve a deep stretch that enhances your range of motion. This is particularly beneficial for those who perform a lot of squats or lunges, as it can help improve overall lower body mobility.

    • Beginner

11 - 15

  1. 11. Fan Stretch

    Photo of Fan Stretch being performed
    295,825 SETS LOGGED31.3 mSCORE

    Fan Stretch is a flexibility exercise that targets the muscles in your legs and lower back. By slowly reaching forward and sweeping your arms in a fan-like motion, you can effectively stretch out these muscle groups. This is a great way to improve overall flexibility and mobility, especially for athletes who need a full range of motion in their lower body.

    • Beginner
  2. 12. Lateral Box Jump

    Photo of Lateral Box Jump being performed
    29,682 SETS LOGGED29.2 mSCORE

    An explosive compound exercise focusing on lateral power and agility. This exercise targets the lower body muscles, particularly the glutes, quadriceps, and calves, while also improving coordination and balance.

    • Beginner
    • Box
  3. 13. Foam Roll Hip Adductors

    Photo of Foam Roll Hip Adductors being performed
    86,373 SETS LOGGED20.8 mSCORE

    Foam Roll Hip Adductors is an effective mobility exercise that targets the adductor muscles. This exercise can help release tension and improve flexibility in the inner thighs, which can be beneficial for movements like squats and lunges. The foam roller adds gentle pressure, assisting in myofascial release and enhancing muscle recovery post-exercise.

    • Beginner
    • Foam Roller
  4. 14. Standing Hip Adduction

    Photo of Standing Hip Adduction being performed
    203,818 SETS LOGGED10.4 mSCORE

    This isolation exercise primarily targets the adductors. By targeting each side individually, you can more easily identify and address imbalances between sides. This exercise can help improve lower body strength and hip stability.

    • Intermediate
  5. 15. Half Center Split

    Photo of Half Center Split being performed
    9,335 SETS LOGGED

    Half Center Split is an advanced stretching exercise that aims to improve your flexibility in the inner thighs, hamstrings, and lower back. By sitting with one leg extended out to the side and the other leg bent inward, you can focus on deep stretching one side of your body at a time. This makes it easier to identify and address imbalances in flexibility between sides. It's a great addition to any flexibility or mobility routine, particularly for athletes in sports requiring significant lower body flexibility.

    • Beginner