How to do a Balance Trainer Overhead Weighted Crunch

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About Balance Trainer Overhead Weighted Crunch

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Instructions: How To

The BOSU Balance Trainer Overhead Weighted Crunch incorporates a medicine ball for added resistance, intensifying the traditional crunch exercise. Performed on a BOSU Balance Trainer with the medicine ball held overhead, this variation targets the abdominals more deeply, with the added instability of the dome increasing core engagement and strength. The use of a medicine ball not only enhances the intensity of the crunch but also improves grip strength and coordination, making it an effective exercise for building core muscle endurance and stability.

  1. Sit on the front slope of the Balance Trainer dome in cross-leg position.
  2. Hold a medicine ball or other weight in both hands.
  3. Extend back to supine position, simultaneously lifting the weight overhead.
  4. Crunch back upright to seated position.
  5. Maintain a braced core throughout the exercise and avoid excessively arching the lower back.