How to do a Cable Knee Drive

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Instructions: How To

The Cable Knee Drive is a functional exercise targeting the hip flexors, core, and improves lower body power and stability. Performed with a cable attached to the ankle, this exercise involves driving the knee up towards the chest against the resistance. It mimics running and jumping movements, making it particularly beneficial for athletes looking to enhance their explosive power and speed. Additionally, the resistance from the cable provides a unique challenge to the core, ensuring it remains engaged throughout the movement for improved balance and posture.

  1. Set a cable machine’s pulley to its lowest possible rung.
  2. Secure the cable to one ankle. 
  3. Step away from the cable machine’s pulley until there is tension in the cable.
  4. Facing away from the cable machine, position yourself in a light lunge—back foot secured to the cable machine.
  5. Keep your core engaged, back straight, and gaze forward to maintain proper form and posture during this exercise. 
  6. Make sure the cable’s pulley is in line with the ankle of the foot secured to the cable, not off to one side.
  7. Engage your core and tilt your pelvis so that it’s in line with your spine.
  8. Drive your knee up and forward as far as you can, pointing your toes up to keep the cable in place and your knee safe.
  9. Root your other heel to the ground during this motion.
  10. As your knee drives up and forward, swing the same-side arm back like you would while running.
  11. Lower your foot back to the ground slowly, maintaining controlled tension in the cable.
  12. Finish the set, switch sides, and repeat.