How to do a Loop Band Front Squat

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About Loop Band Front Squat

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Instructions: How To

Loop Band Front Squat is a variation on the more standard Front Squat. Like other Squat variations, this compound exercise primarily targets the quadriceps. The use of a loop band allows you to add more resistance to this exercise, especially at the top of the movement. This is a great exercise for anyone with mobility limitations, and struggles to keep good form at the bottom of their squats.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointed slightly outward.
  2. Place the band under the midfoot area and pull the loop towards your chest and hold the band in a front rack position.
  3. If you are unable to comfortably hold this position, place the band on your shoulders and cross your arms with elbows high to hold the band in place.
  4. Begin to descend by bending the knees and bringing the hips slightly back, your knees should track slightly outward over the second toes.
  5. Keep the core braced to avoid any rounding of the spine.
  6. Continue to descend until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  7. Slowly return to the starting position by activating the glutes, extending the knees, and slowly pushing the hips forward until you are in an upright position.

Common Mistakes

  • Knees Caving In

    Always make sure that your knees are tracking over your toes. Allowing your knees to cave inward places a ton of stress on them, and increases your risk of injury. If you're struggling with your knees caving in, focus on keeping your weight evenly distributed throughout your foot.