How to do a Barbell Lunge

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Instructions: How To

Barbell Lunge is a weighted variation on the standard Lunge. Similar to other lunges, this exercise primarily targets the quadriceps. By using a barbell you can add more resistance than just bodyweight. In addition to increasing resistance, the use of a barbell can also improve your form and posture while performing this exercise.

  1. Set the barbell just below shoulder height and grab ahold the barbell outside shoulder-width apart.
  2. Quarter squat underneath the barbell to place it on the base of your neck before unracking and stepping back to plant your feet hip-width apart.
  3. Shift your weight to your stance leg as the other leg begins to step forward.
  4. Initiate contact with the stepping legs heel until the foot is firmly planted and the back heel is lifted off the floor.
  5. While maintaining an upright rigid torso, descend your back knee to the ground keeping your front heel down.
  6. Raise your back knee once the front thigh has become parallel with the floor and push off your front forefoot to return to the starting position.

Common Mistakes

  • Not Deep Enough

    Make sure you’re dropping your knee to the ground. Limiting your range of motion will make this exercise less effective. You don’t need to slam your knee down. Aim for a controlled tap, or 1-2 inches off the ground.

  • Improper Distance

    The exact distance for an ideal lunge varies for everyone, but it’s incredibly important. A small step can lead to more tension on your knee, as well as a narrow base of support. A long step can also lead to instability. Both will increase your risk of injury, and make the exercise less effective. If you’re struggling with lunge distance, start with a position where you feel stable, and experiment with small adjustments until you find the distance you’re comfortable with.

  • Knees Not Inline with Toes

    If your knees aren’t inline with your toes, this can place tension on your knee. This can increase your risk of injury. Make sure that as you drop into your lunge, your knees and toes are inline.

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