How to do Cable Rope Hammer Curls

Authored by Fitbod

About Cable Rope Hammer Curls

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Instructions: How To

Cable Rope Hammer Curls focus on the biceps and brachialis with a neutral grip, offering a variation that differs from standard curls by emphasizing the outer biceps and forearms. Using a rope attachment on a cable machine allows for a full range of motion while providing constant tension, leading to improved muscle growth and strength. This exercise is particularly effective for developing arm thickness and grip strength, making it a valuable addition to any arm workout routine for balanced muscle development.

  1. Set the cable machine's pulley to its lowest position.
  2. Attach a rope handle.
  3. Grip the rope handles with one end in each hand, palms facing each other.
  4. Take a step away from the cable machine.
  5. Keep your core engaged, back straight and chest up to maintain good posture.
  6. Engage your biceps to raise the rope handles to your chest.
  7. Return to your starting position with control—maintaing tension in your biceps.