How to do a Forward Lunge with Twist

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About Forward Lunge with Twist

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Instructions: How To

This exercise is a variation on the more standard Lunge. Like most lunges this is a compound exercise that targets the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, but with a twist. In addition to the benefits of a standard lunge, holding a medicine ball in both hands adds resistance, while twisting with that medicine ball forces you to both pause at the bottom as well as stabilize the movement as you rotate.

  1. Stand upright with your feet hip width apart and keep your elbows bent while holding a medicine ball so that the ball is in front of your abdomen.
  2. Step forward with one leg and bend your knees while you lower your body towards the ground creating a 90 degree angle in both knees.
  3. Rotate your torso and medicine ball across your front leg keeping the medicine ball in front of your abdomen. Rotate your torso back to a forward facing position while maintaining your lunge.
  4. Return to the starting position by pushing off the front foot and repeat with the opposite side.

Common Mistakes

  • Not Deep Enough

    Make sure you’re dropping your knee to the ground. Limiting your range of motion will make this exercise less effective. You don’t need to slam your knee down. Aim for a controlled tap, or 1-2 inches off the ground.

  • Improper Distance

    The exact distance for an ideal lunge varies for everyone, but it’s incredibly important. A small step can lead to more tension on your knee, as well as a narrow base of support. A long step can also lead to instability. Both will increase your risk of injury, and make the exercise less effective. If you’re struggling with lunge distance, start with a position where you feel stable, and experiment with small adjustments until you find the distance you’re comfortable with.