How to do a Loop Band Seated Row

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Seated Row

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Instructions: How To

Similar to other Seated Row variations, this is a compound back exercise. The use of a loop band allows for increasing tension as you progress through the movement. This is especially useful if you’re looking to develop strength at the end of your rows. The downside is that there is less tension as you extend your arms, so focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together at the end of the movement.

  1. Wrap the band around an anchor to create two loops for handles at roughly knee height.
  2. Sit on the ground facing the anchor with both legs stretched out in front of you.
  3. Feel free to move a bit back to increase the tension of the band.
  4. Sit upright and grip each end of the band, one in each hand.
  5. Pull both elbows backwards close to the body while maintaining upright posture and squeezing your shoulder blades together near the end.
  6. Control the resistance back to the starting position at a normal pace and repeat the movement.

Common Mistakes

  • Varying Tension with Bands

    Resistance increases as you stretch a band. Make sure you’re using a band that allows you to move through your full range of motion. The resistance may feel too light during parts of the movement.

  • Back Flat

    Keeping your back flat is essential to maintaining proper form with this exercise. It’s very common to see your back start to round as you become fatigued. Focus on keeping your core engaged, and shoulders back.