How to do a Single Leg Glute Bridge and Squeeze

Authored by Fitbod

About Single Leg Glute Bridge and Squeeze

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Instructions: How To

The Single Leg Glute Bridge with a Medicine Ball Squeeze intensifies glute and core engagement by incorporating a medicine ball, making it an effective isolation exercise for unilateral glute strength and stability. This compact variation demands greater muscle activation to maintain balance and squeeze the ball, offering enhanced muscle growth and symmetry. It's a concise yet powerful exercise for boosting lower-body stability, improving posture, and aiding in injury prevention, suitable for integrating into lower-body and core training routines.

  1. Lie face up with your feet flat on the ground.
  2. Hold a medicine ball between your legs.
  3. Keep your core engaged and place your arms to your sides to help with stability.
  4. Engage your glutes and hamstrings to drive your hips up, holding the medicine ball.
  5. Shift your weight to one foot. 
  6. Extend one leg, keeping your opposite foot on the floor. 
  7. Slowly lower yourself back down, maintaining tension in your glutes and hamstrings. 
  8. Switch sides and repeat.