How to do a Stability Ball Hip Bridge

Authored by Fitbod

About Stability Ball Hip Bridge

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Instructions: How To

This exercise is a variation on the more common Glute Bridge. Like Glute Bridge, this exercise is performed as a hold for time, and primarily targets the glutes. The use of a Stability Ball helps to add some instability to the movement which can help improve muscle activation.

  1. Sit upright on a stability ball before stepping forward to position just your upper back onto the ball, place your feet firmly on the ground shoulder-width apart, and extend your hips to flex your knees to 90 degrees.
  2. Keep your hands on your hips or hover them above the ground in case you become off balanced.
  3. Without moving the stability ball, descend your hips to the ground to just above the floor.
  4. Raise your hips by flexing your glutes back to the starting position.

Common Mistakes

  • Over Extending

    Don’t drive your hips as far as you can. This can increase your risk of injury, and doesn’t benefit the exercise itself. Drive your hips forward to a point where you feel good activation in your glutes, and hold that position.