How to do a TRX Suspended Plank

Authored by Fitbod

About TRX Suspended Plank

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Instructions: How To

This exercise is a variation on the more standard Plank. By placing your feet in the TRX straps, and suspending them over the ground, you add significantly more instability to this exercise. This helps further engage your core as you need to stabilize the movement even more than a standard plank. This is a great exercise for anyone looking to make their planks a bit more challenging.

  1. Lie onto your stomach with your elbows underneath shoulders, forearms parallel with palms facing down, and feet underneath the TRX anchor point.
  2. The TRX handles should be 1-2’ above the floor in order for you to put your feet into the handle straps.
  3. Brace your core to maintain a neutral spine as you lift your knees making a straight alignment from your heels to your shoulders.
  4. Hold for an allotted time.

Common Mistakes

  • Raised or Sagging Hips

    Make sure you’re keeping your hips level, and a straight line from your shoulders, through you hips, to your heels. Raising, or allowing your hips to dip will make this exercise less effective. Focus on keeping your core engaged, and maintaining that straight back throughout the exercise.