How to do Battle Ropes

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Instructions: How To

Battle Ropes are a high intensity compound movement that target a wide range of muscle groups throughout the body, but primarily hit your shoulders, arms, and core. They are a fast paced, explosive exercise that can be used for cardio, building muscle, and developing power.

  1. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart holding the ends of an extended battle rope.
  2. Drop into a quarter squat while bringing your elbows into your side and brace your core to maintain a neutral spine with your chest up.
  3. Begin by quickly raising the rope in your left hand up towards chest height before dropping back down and raising the the rope in your right hand.
  4. Continue this alternating movement quickly to create ripples in the rope for an allotted time.

Common Mistakes

  • Leave Some Slack

    There should be some slack on the ropes prior to performing this exercise. Leaning back is an easy way to get the ropes off the ground. You want to get the ropes off the ground, but you want to do this through movement, not bodyweight. If you think you may be leaning back, try taking a half step forward before starting the exercise.

  • Lighter Grip

    You don’t need to squeeze the life out of the ropes. You want to stay fairly loose with this exercise. Of course you need to grip hard enough not to lose the ropes, but gripping too hard will leave you stiff, and limit the effectiveness of this exercise.