How to do a Loop Band Single Arm Fly

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About Loop Band Single Arm Fly

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Instructions: How To

This exercise targets the chest and shoulder muscles, emphasizing unilateral movement to improve muscle balance and joint stability. The loop band adds tension throughout the motion, enhancing the activation of the pectoral muscles and providing a unique challenge compared to traditional weightlifting. It's effective for sculpting the chest, improving posture, and can be easily adjusted for all fitness levels.

  1. Anchor one band at roughly shoulder height.
  2. Position yourself side by side with the anchor.
  3. Grab the band in one hand with thumbs facing up and move away from the anchor until there is no slack in the band.
  4. Brace your core and keep your arm extended with elbows slightly bent.
  5. Bring the arm toward your center and hold the position for about a second before moving the arm back to starting position at a normal pace.
  6. Switch to the opposite side after the set is complete.