How to do a Loop Band Standing Chest Press

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Standing Chest Press

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Instructions: How To

Simulating the bench press motion, this standing variation targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The loop band provides progressive resistance, allowing for a full range of motion and increased muscle activation. This exercise offers the benefits of pressing movements without the need for heavy equipment, making it accessible and versatile for home workouts.

  1. Anchor two bands of the same resistance at roughly chest height.
  2. Position yourself so your back is facing the anchor.
  3. Grab both bands, one in each hand. 
  4. Place one foot forward and one foot back and brace your core to increase stability in your stance throughout the exercise.
  5. Lean slightly forward with elbows pointed back and slightly outward and hands positioned at chest height.
  6. Exhale to extend your arms forward at a normal pace keeping both hands in front of the shoulders.
  7. Control the resistance back to the starting position normal pace and repeat the movement.