How to do a Loop Band Single Arm Incline Chest Press

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Single Arm Incline Chest Press

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Instructions: How To

Similar to other Bench Press variations, this compound exercise primarily targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. By performing this exercise on a single side, there is a greater need to recruit your core, as well as prevents you from compensating for any discrepancies in strength between sides. The incline of the bench places more emphasis on your upper chest and shoulders, while the use of loops bands allows for increasing resistance as progress throughout your range of motion.

  1. Anchor one band at roughly knee height.
  2. Position yourself so your back is facing the anchor.
  3. Grab the band in one hand. 
  4. Place one foot forward and one foot back and brace your core to increase stability in your stance throughout the exercise.
  5. Lean slightly forward with elbows pointed back and slightly outward and hand positioned at chest height.
  6. Exhale to extend your arms at a normal pace in a forward and upward motion towards the ceiling or sky.
  7. Control the resistance back to the starting position at a normal pace and repeat the movement.
  8. Switch to the opposite side after the set is complete.

Common Mistakes

  • Varying Tension with Bands

    Resistance increases as you stretch a band. Make sure you’re using a band that allows you to move through your full range of motion. The resistance may feel too light during parts of the movement.

  • Resisting Rotation

    Your core is responsible for stabilizing your upper body during this exercise. Because the resistance isn’t balanced between both sides, you’ll naturally engage your core to resist this rotation. Ensure that you’re only resisting the rotation, and keeping your upper body stable. Don’t use your core to assist in performing the exercise.