How to do a Loop Band Underhand Front Raise

Authored by Fitbod

About Loop Band Underhand Front Raise

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Instructions: How To

Loop Band Underhand Front Raise is a variation on the more standard Front Raise. Like the Front Raise, this is an isolation exercise that primarily targets the shoulder's anterior deltoid (front of the shoulder). The use of a loop band increases resistance as you lift, making this a great exercise for building strength at the top of the movement, and the underhand grip can provide a more comfortable wrist position.

  1. Anchor one band at around ankle or chin height.
  2. Position yourself so your back is facing the anchor.
  3. Grab the band with one hand and place one foot forward and one foot back for increased stability.
  4. Brace your core and lean slightly forward with your arm straight at your side.
  5. Exhale to raise your arm forward to chest height at a normal pace.
  6. Control the resistance back to the starting position at normal pace and repeat the movement.
  7. Perform the movement on the opposite side when the set is complete.